Invite users and share forms

We have made it easy for you to invite users and share your forms with them. These can be your company employees, partners or customers.


To invite a new user to your organisation, click on the Users tab.

To invite a new or existing formyoula user to your organisation, simply enter their email and click "Invite User".

An invitation email will be sent to this address with a link to join your organisation. When the user clicks on the link and confirms their details they will be added to your organisation and will appear under the Users tab. If you are using Salesforce as a method to sign in then all users will be automatically linked to your organisation, all they need to do is just sign in with their Salesforce profile.

To share a form with users in your organisation, go to your dashboard and select the form you would like to share. Click on the "Actions" menu and click "Sharing".

On the form sharing page you will be able to select the users you would like to share the form with. Click "Share" to make the form visible to the selected user. They will be able to see the form on their Formyoula mobile or web app and use for new form entries.