Salesforce Lookup Fields for Formyoula

One of the field/question types that you can select is a "Salesforce Lookup" that works in the same way as the Salesforce lookup field. You can select any object to be used for the lookup and define extra fields that will be displayed for each record found in the lookup search, you can add filters based on any object field that will narrow down the information and select how many records are returned by the lookup.

Clicking on the pencil icon will open the lookup edit screen.

Display Additional Fields  - The comma separated fields will be used for the lookup search to display additional information about the record you are looking for. Please use the API field names and not the labels. 

Search Group - Select the field group that will be used for searching for records.

Ownership - Specify if the search will look at all records or only records owned by the user.

Record Filter - You can add record filter logic here that will narrow down the results. For examples please refer to the following guide.

Returned Record Count - This option allows you to define the number of records returned by the search.

Order By - Specify a field on the object that will be used for search result sorting.

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